Energy healing & guidance program

Energy healing & guidance program

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Occasionally our system is getting challenged and we become stuck and are unable to maintain this state indefinitely and begin to break down.

This program is designed to help you by focusing on four aspects: MIND, BODY, SPIRIT, and EMOTIONS.

I will help to release any blockages and chakras in the body, which I see as channels of energy, so the body & mind can find greater relationship, vitality, clarity, relaxation, and heal itself. I will also offer you tools and techniques you can use at home to guide you through.

Like you, your healing experience is unique and can differ from session to session. As I work with you, we may touch into the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of your life experience. You may relax deeply, you may find yourself “tuning out”, or you may experience sensations in different parts of your body as blocks are released. There is no right or wrong experience.

 This program is for five hours, one hour approximately per session.

Price: 490 NZD

Remotely ( via zoom or messenger) or physically.

We have a payment method with humm.

If you need more information, please get in touch with me for a clarity call.