About Leti

My name is Leticia Lapetite

I am an intuitive channeling Energy Healer, Reiki Master, Access Bar practitioner and Holistic life coach. I channel light language through my voice and hands for cleansing/ clearing as well as healing. I have  currently channeled and experienced  few  different light languages. Some sound like clicks, noises which feels ancient and connected to Mother Earth. Also, some sounds like angelic, galactic and like animals.

Channeling through my light language is allowing me to get closer and closer each day to my higher- self, God and Mother Earth Gaia. I am honored to be able to connect every day with my spirits guides, God, Mother earth as well as Angels and I would inspire everyone to tap into this beautiful divine force that we all have within ourselves.  

I was born in Noumea, New- Caledonia where I spent most of my life. I am half Melanesian and French from a genuine, loveable family.

I grew up in Noumea and on the North central of the country between the valleys, between Voh & Hienghene, a place isolated to the civilization. This place in the valleys is ancestral and sacred. This land has always been for me a place where I could emerge myself with nature. When I was born, I have been named as well “Faloune “, the name of my father grandmother, a Melanesian Healer. Receiving her name is a privilege and symbolic for me as I do know today that many things, I got within me is coming from her. I KNOW.

At the age of 24, I have left New-Caledonia for New-Zealand and I have been ever living there for nine years.  Over the years, I have studied, learnt few spiritual modalities from different part of the world. Each of them enhanced my desire to pursue as a healer and support people who truly wants to make a difference in their life. 

 Today, I choice to be in service to others by helping people to reconnect with themselves mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and physically. 

 What I offer is a profound and committed work to support you on your healing journey and get where you want to be. I am here to help you to navigate through whatever challenges you are facing, in a safe and respectful space.

 Healing myself helps me to understand who I am today.