Energy Healing & Holistic life coach

Experienced healer & Holistic coach

Learn how to reconnect with yourself

In Person (Auckland) and remotely

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Experienced healer & Holistic coach

Energy Healing & Holistic life coach

In Person (Auckland) and remotely

Learn how to reconnect with yourself

Shop Online for Healing Crystals, Smudge Sticks & Pure Essential Oils


Are you here ?

The healing breakup recovery program is design:

To heal from inside out by allowing your emotions to be and to accept them .

To take some times to pause, to reflect and understand what is going on for you right now.

To help you to understand profoundly the deep core issues of the relationship.

To open your awareness and consciouness to more possibilities.

To reconnect with your values and your essence.

To empower you to feel safe again by gaining your confidence back.

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A RoadMap of the Breakup recovery program

A step by step to recovery !

Phase 1: Learn to create safety within yourself, in your body and welcome your emotions. To take the time to pause, to reflect and forgive yourself.

Phase 2: Learn to accept the situation, to take ownership by being responsible of your-self.

Phase 3: Self-compassion, nurturing yourself by reconnecting with your essence and the I AM, your authentic self.

Phase 4: Learn to be present, to listen and follow your intuition. Connect with your truth each day

Phase 5: Learn to surrender, to trust your inner-self, to see your worth and to trust yourself.

Let me help you to integrate your learning through actions with Holistic Coaching

In my coaching program we learn to integrate our learning by creating actions steps that aligns with us.

This holistic coaching program is for you if:

* You have done the Healing work through my program or with someone else and want to reach the extra miles by implementing your learning through actions step.

*You are ready to move forward from your breakup and explore or create something that is meaningful to you.

*You want to be accountable and want to creates well-being habbits in your routine.

*You want to build your self-esteem to the next level.

* You want to co-create an intimate relationship.

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I Believe in you,


Learn to reconnect with yourself

Healing is a process and it can get really intense. I work with commited women who wants to reconnect with their essence to create meaningul and healthy relationships.

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Navigate with clarity

Learn tools to ease anxiety & stress, so that you can engage with confidence and make clear decisions


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