First of all, if you’re not entirely sure what the term smudging means, I suggest you head on over to my blog “Smudging for Millenials - what really is it?”

I hear a lot of people steering away from smudging because they think it seems too difficult, too sacred or too religious - so I’m here to quell those fears and provide a really easy guide.

Smudging is such an incredibly powerful way of cleansing yourself, your house or any other place - it would be a crying shame to see people miss out on this because of trivial misunderstandings!

I’ve developed a simple step by step guide to help you through your first smudging session, so you can clear that chaotic energy – trust me, after this you’ll be more than confident to do it on your own:


1.     Make sure your house is clean before smudging it. The energy is flowing when your home is clean and tidy. You know that saying, clear space = clear mind? Well that translates to the energy in the room in a roundabout kind of way. When there’s clutter everywhere, negative energy can find places to congregate – and we don’t want that! If you’re anything like me, just looking at a photo of mess makes me feel off!


2.     Open the windows of each room to allow some fresh air to come through.


Give the energy somewhere to go! Flowing energy is the best energy. That’s not even touching on the health benefits of keeping your home well ventilated.


3.     You can smudge anytime, it really depends on when you feel most comfortable and at ease. I personally prefer to smudge during the weekend as I find I have more time and I’m more relaxed. That’s key – feeling relaxed. The mind needs to be relaxed, and under no time pressure in order to smudge effectively. If your own energy was anxious, angry or stressed in any way, it would be a little counter intuitive wouldn’t it?!


4.     If you’re lucky enough to have kids up to 10 years old tearing around your home (making a mess and all that other fun stuff), I suggest using Lavender or Palo Santo as other herbs can be too strong and irritable for children. If practical and available, try to smudge the house when the kids are not at home – this is recommended.

5. When you start to smudge, it is very important to focus on your intention. Some people pray, some ask for guidance, some meditate before, some just think on it - whatever you do will be perfect. Thoughts are energy too, so it makes sense that your intentions will be the most important element throughout this process.



Feeling worried about that? Don’t. As long as it comes from the heart, nothing can go wrong!

6.     Use a candle and light the top of your smudge stick. Blow it out. The embers will continue to burn so make sure to have a plate or bowl for the ashes.


7.     Blow on your smudge stick in order to get the smoke coming through.  


8.     Starting at the entry to your home, try and cover each room, fanning the embers while spreading the smoke into every crevice of every room.


9.     Once you have covered each room, thank the process. I usually thank my guides for helping me to remove anything that does not belong to me. But this could be as simple as a thought of gratitude for a clean and healthy home.


9.     Leave the smudge stick in your fire-proof bowl in a place where there is no wind and it will go off naturally by itself at the right time. Do not use water.


10.  Smudge your house as many times as you want! Trust the process and you will feel when the negative energy has cleared making way for good vibes only!


If you found this process helpful feel free to share it! If you’re unsure what smudge stick you should be using, get in touch with me and I can steer you in the right direction based on what you’re trying to achieve. Otherwise, feel free to browse my handmade collection here.